WADCO LED Retrofit Solutions

Our adapter plate and LED plate technology delivers a low-cost plug and play solution.
Replace the internal electricals of a fitting and keep the body and diffuser in place.
Suitable for all types of lights and takes only minutes to install.

Before (400W High Pressure Sodium)

After (150W LED)

Making Old New Again

WADCO LED Retrofit Kits are the perfect alternative to replacing lights

Cutting edge Vossloh LED technology
Only replace the light engine
Options for all requirements
Suits all types of lights
Colour matching
No heat issues
Plug and Play
Peace of mind

Longer life, lower power consumption and better light
Body and diffuser/refractor remain in place
Emergency, Dimming, Remote Gear Tray
Ideal for replacing HID lights
3000K, 4000K, 5000K
Thermal management
Inhouse electrician
5 year guarantee

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