About Us

WADCO Holdings

WADCO Lighting is part of WADCO Holdings Group, an Australian industrial holding company.

We have the operational and financial resources to deliver lighting solutions for any project, on time and within budget. 

Client Commitment

We solve customer problems by designing and manufacturing purpose-built fittings.

As an Australian manufacturer, we guarantee the shortest lead times with 24/7 product and technical support.  


Over 50 years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel industrial lights for the global market.

Our fittings last a lifetime and together with Vossloh LED technology are perfect for any environment.

Our People

Nick Bamsey and Shakeel Shamsher head the WADCO Lighting team with passion, bringing deep industry experience.

Their expertise and extensive product knowledge has made WADCO Lighting the partner of choice for industry leaders

Nick Bamsey

With over 45 years’ experience in the lighting industry, Nick has held senior roles with internationally recognised lighting companies such as Holophane, Legrand to name a few.

Nick was instrumental in driving sales and product development in predecessor organizations to WADCO Lighting.

During his career Nick has actively participated in Australian Standards Committees as well IEC Committees. He was the Chairman of the Australian Standards Working Group that was instrumental in taking Australia from the “EXIT” symbol to the “Running Man” symbol and holds numerous design patents. He continues to be an innovator in lighting design.

Nick has a specific focus on mining and delivers cost-effective lighting solutions to leading multinationals.

Apart from lighting, Nick has a long-standing passion for Lego® having reached master expertise. A feat few achieve!

This hobby not only allows Nick to relax but inspires him to build objects using imagination and creativity with a good dose of perseverance. These same attributes serve Nick well when developing lighting solutions for clients. And like Lego®, Nick makes sure that whatever product he and his team design, build and deliver, everything fits together perfectly and works first time and every time.

Shakeel Shamsher

A born entrepreneur, Shakeel has been involved in several successful business ventures before joining WADCO Lighting.

Shakeel likes to think of himself as the Yang to Nick’s Ying He brings a “hands on” approach to product development and testing as well as ensuring products meet WADCO’s world-class quality standards.

With a long background in lean manufacturing across multiple products, Shakeel is actively involved in streamlining production to minimize customer delivery lead times. He appreciates the importance of continuous improvement and works closely with clients to constantly enhance product performance and functionality.

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